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Learn The “Actual Principles Of Numerology” That Gets You The Most Accurate Prediction With Numbers

~ Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before… But Nothing Worked!

So Now You Can Make Impactful Predictions For Yourself & Your Clients That Makes Life More Meaningful By Avoiding False Predictions

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~ Numerologist, Astrologist, Vastu Expert, Nadi Shastra

Picture of <span  >Your Name</span>

Your Name

~ Numerologist, Astrologist, Vastu Expert, Nadi Shastra

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(As Of May 24, 2024) And Only 7 Slots Are Left…

Here Are The 3 Major Secrets
Revealed Inside The Numerology Workshop

Secret #1

The only method & steps you need to follow in Numerology that gives you the ability to make the most precise & accurate prediction using numbers with zero confusions & doubts

Secret #2

How to use birth numbers to predict any unwanted situation in anyone’s life way before it happens, so you can warn them and make a plan to handle it

Secret #3

3 Layers of Dasha that help you plan the days, weeks, & months to get the most fruitful outcome in your or anyone’s life using the power of numerology

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Here’s How Numerology Workshop
Can Help You Answers Questions Like ~

For Whom Is This Workshop For

1. Numerologists / Professionals

People who have already done some courses in numerology, who are already working in this field, and are familiar with methods of numerology, but still are finding it difficult to predict the right answers while working with clients.

2. Beginners / Individuals looking to learn Numerology from scratch and implement it on themselves

People who are frustrated in their life, have multiple problems & seeked solutions but nothing worked. And now they want to get the right knowledge about numerology & implement it in their own life to make it more meaningful.

2. Aspiring Numerologists / Earn a side income by working with clients

People who want to master this skill & become a professional numerologists so they can work with paid clients.

Here’s What You Will Learn
— Inside The Numerology Workshop

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Meet Your Trainer

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ABC is one of the well-known Numerologists, an expert in Astrology and Occult Science in India. He has been practicing in this field for more than 15 years and now he has the complete knowledge regarding the use of occult science. He is known to use this science in any type of life problems with accurate predictions and logical approach.

Till now ABC has trained 1000s of students in the past few years and was always invited from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University to discuss the power of Numbers with youth not once but three years in a row. This is the same college where he couldn’t get admission 20 years ago.

Vivek is on a mission to create Awareness of this Number of Science in people’s lives so they can get the best possible life they are meant for.

And now Vivek is coming up with “Numerology WOrkshop” where he will share all the secrets, value-bombs with you. Join him in his journey & transform your life to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop will be for 2 hours and will be held on the Zoom App.
Please check the top section of this page to get your preferred date for the workshop.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn the art of numbers and bring an abundance of success and prosperity in various aspects of their life by making correct numerological decisions & predictions.
This workshop will be helpful for students, freelancers, marketers, agency owners, media professionals, job professionals, self-employed people, and entrepreneurs as anyone can learn about PR & start delivering services right away.

This workshop will let you learn numerology step-by-step from the method that gives you the most probable predicted answers you can be confident about. Thereafter, you can use this powerful skill to create a positive impact in yours & others life.

In the end, you can ask your doubts, and questions directly to me and I’ll answer each of your queries in the best possible manner.

Make sure you come 10 mins before the scheduled time and have a simple notebook and pen to write the important points you find during the workshop.

It is advisable to attend the workshop on PC and with good internet connectivity for a better learning experience.

No recordings are provided to ensure every registrant attends the workshop live and gets the best out of the workshop.

Your Name

P.S. Since you’ve read this far, it’s clear you’re interested in learning Numerology from a right place that helps you make correct predictions using Numerology to either work on yourself or with clients that pay you for your services.

There’s only one thing left for you to do:
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At the end of the training, I’ll be making an offer for people who want to have access to a platform that will help implement what they learn on the training and more. This is completely optional. The training lasts about 90 minutes and if you don’t want the platform, you can leave without buying anything. The training will be holding nothing back and you’ll be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.