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Train The Trainer Workshop 🎯

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Into The Top 1% Trainers Club, Deliver TEDx Talks, Publish Your Best Selling Book, And Get All The Recognition You Deserve!

Even If You Have Failed Miserably In Sales, Personal Branding & Marketing!

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You Will Discover These 3 Major Secrets Inside The “TRAIN THE TRAINERS” Workshop

Secret #1

How to create highly impactful courses as a trainer that people would rush to you for buying and these courses will give you at least 10X returns on your investment passively

Secret #2

How effortlessly you can expand your network among event organizers & publications that provide opportunities to deliver talks & speaking assignments that will boost your portfolio as a trainer

Secret #3

The Hidden Framework that will help you build the right Recall Value for your business & take it from zero to 10 CR in a year

For Whom Is This Workshop For


How to accurately predict anyone’s future based on their numbers like birth date, month, etc.


Who are looking to get leads, sales for their courses, programs, products/services and start making money online

Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs

Who want to grow their business, brand image, launch books, give talks and everything that can leverage their business to next level


Who want to create an impact in the society with their content, speeches, work with top brands, collaborate with other top influencers, etc.


Aspiring to become a successful trainer, coach and avoid the common mistakes that most people make so that to welcome early success


Who want to get opportunities to speak at major events, deliver TedX Talks, host events, build their personal brand and much more

Common Challenges That Most Trainers Face When It Comes To “Building A Successful Business Out Of Their Profession”

Well, if you’re facing any of these challenges
~ I’ve Got A One Stop Solution For You

Hey, this is [Your Name],

And if you ask me about my mission in life with just one line, I would always say “Help You Trace Your Journey From Dreamer To Doer

I’ve always been struggling in my life whether it’s launching my book, finding the stage to represent myself, launching my coaching career, and an endless list. But that’s all that carried me forward after so many setbacks was my willpower of never giving up until I got what I truly wanted (yet I haven’t stopped and not so you)

I know what it feels like struggling as a trainer & coach when you do not get the results you always wanted. Even after working hard for so long, many trainers couldn’t achieve the level they want.


Lack of guidance & support from someone who has already been through that path and has already solved it for you!

And that’s the reason that drives me to help trainers & coaches achieve success in their profession for what I’ve been doing 

Train The Trainer” Workshop for!

In this workshop, you not only learn how you can establish your success as a trainer but also do all the top-level activities like those of the top 1% of the trainers you admire 🙂

Look At Some Of The Success Stories Of My Previous Students And What They Have To Say About Me

Yes i want to succeed as a trainer

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Here’s What You Will Learn
— Inside The “Train The Trainer” Workshop —

Your Name
Trainer | Business coach | Entrepreneur | Influencer | Author | Speaker

XYZ is a well-renowned trainer, business coach, entrepreneur, influencer, author, speaker, and so much more than all this. XYZ completed her Computer Engineering and was working with IT companies when she realized her inner voice wanted something more out of her life.

In 2014, she decided to write her Debut Book on MS Dhoni’s Mindset. Her book was rejected 22 times and she struggled for 2.5 years to find a publisher but her determination & belief in herself made her book picked up by the most famous Jaico Publication House.

Later she sold 75,000+ Copies of the English version, and it was converted into 4 languages. Also, she won Amazon’s Most Popular Self-Help Book Title in 2016, beating the books of Sadhguru and Rijuta Diwekar.
Her new book, “The Monkey Theory,” was picked up by Westland, India’s No.1 Publisher.

And now after working with Industry’s Leading Experts Worldwide & even with Indian Cricket Team, Sfurti with her huge experience & wisdom is coming with her workshop “Train The Trainer” where she shares all her secrets of going from zero to hero as a trainer, get sales, speaking opportunities at various big events, how to publish your book and a lot more.

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Join The Workshop Now & Get Bonuses Worth ₹1,39,995 For Absolutely FREE!!

When You Register For The "Train The Trainers" Workshop Right Now… You Will Get Access To 3 Special Bonuses Worth  ₹1,39,995 For Absolutely FREE!!!  

Bonus #2

Monkey Theory Toolkit

Value: ₹49,999/-

Bonus #2

Monkey Theory Toolkit

Value: ₹49,999/-

Bonus #2

Monkey Theory Toolkit

Value: ₹49,999/-

Bonus #2

Monkey Theory Toolkit

Value: ₹49,999/-

Get All This Inside The Workshop

Total Value: ₹1,39,995

Normal Price: ₹4,997

Buy Today At Just ₹99

Register For Train The Trainers Workshop Now

Join The Workshop Now & Get Bonuses Worth ₹1,39,995 For Absolutely FREE!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s a Live workshop. The workshop will be for 3 hours and will be held on the Zoom App.

Please check the top section of this page to get your preferred date for the workshop.

This workshop is for trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, influencers, etc. who want to become PRO in salespeople, get more success as a trainer, publish their books, get more recognition, and create an influence across the world.

This workshop will reveal the frameworks that will help you build your empire in the training & coaching industry. You will learn how to do sales for your courses, and services, bring clients, grow your business, and build your strong brand image all of which are crucial to achieving ultimate success as a trainer.

Along with this, you get special bonuses worth Rs. 1,39,995 for absolutely Free. To know more, read the top section of the page.

Make sure you come 10 mins before the scheduled time and have a simple notebook and pen to write the important points you find during the workshop.

It is advisable to attend the workshop on PC and with good internet connectivity for a better learning experience.

No recordings are provided to ensure every registrant attends the workshop live and gets the best out of the workshop.

Register For Train The Trainers Workshop Now

Join The Workshop Now & Get Bonuses Worth ₹1,39,995 For Absolutely FREE!!