FSSAI registration is essential for a Food Business Operator (FBO).

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Benefits of FSSAI Registration

Type of FSSAI License

1. FSSAI Basic Registration

Turnover up to 12 lakh

Rs.1999/- (including govt. Fee)

2. FSSAI State License

Turnover from 12 lakh to 20 crore

Rs.2999/- (excluding govt. Fee)

3. FSSAI Central License

Turnover more than 20 crore, export & e-commerce

Rs.6999/- (excluding govt. Fee)

Documents Required For Food/ Fssai License apply

For Basic Foscos Fssai Registration

Basic Fssai License Registration Fee- Rs. 2499/- (Valid for 5 years)

For State fssai apply online (turnover up to 20 crores)

In the case of Trader/ Wholesaler/ Distributor-

In the case of manufacturing
-Rs. 5999/- per year.

Problems faced by non-licensed food business operator

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding
FSSAI Registration

To get an FSSAI Registration Certificate you will have to submit a dully-filled from A to the Food & Supply Department. On the Acceptance of your Application, the Food and Safety Department will grant a registration certificate containing the registration number along with the Photo of the Applicant.

The food License registration can be procured for a period ranging from 1 to 5 Years.
Note: Before applying for an FSSAI License one should decide that for how many years he or she wants to get FSSAI License. Since Registration fees also vary according to the period chosen by the Applicant.

There are three types of fssai license online issued by FSSAI to the Food Business Operators (FBO):
✔ Central License
✔ State License
✔ Basic License

If an applicant wants to change the information or make some modifications to the License. Then he or she will have to fill form C on foscos registration portal and pay fssai license cost of modification, which will be equal to a fee of one year License.


Generally, FSSAI License is necessary for all type of Food Business, medical Business, and Pharmacies (involved in the sale of nutritional supplements)

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