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Trademark Registration Process

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What can you register as a Trademark?

Several parts of your brand may be listed as a Trademark. The approach you need to consider is what part of your brand is different from that of your customers. Select that aspect to enroll.

1. Name :
Name Can be of many types like :

A: Product Name- You can nominate the name of a product as a brand name. The Macintosh’s iPod is an item name brand name.

B: Business Name- Registering an organization’s name as a Trademark is the most important and common thing for any business.

C: Person’s name/surname- If your name has a significant impact on generating income, you can reserve your name at that time too!

D: Short form or Abbreviation- It can be used for an organization or a brand name can also be a brand name.

A: Product Name

B: Business Name

C: Person’s name/surname

D: Short form or Abbreviation

2. Logo/Symbol :

It is determined to register a logo as it externally addresses your image or brand. Your customers may remember a logo quicker than a name.

3. Slogan or a Tagline :

If you have a slogan for your company name, you can feel free to reserve that as well. A slogan telling your customers is a big motivator for you as a business.

Why is trademark registration important

What is a Trademark Class?

A Trademark Class is an international standard for the classification of goods and services by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Nice Classification, established by the Nice agreement (1957). It is defined by the Nice Classification (NCL), formed as part of the agreement, and is updated every year.

How many Trademark classes are there?

There are 45 Trademark classes and each of the things is arranged in these classes. You should be very careful when choosing classes as it will determine the legitimacy of your brand name for your business objects/administrations. In case your business operates on different merchandise/profits falling under different categories, you need to certify that you apply for the brand name under each respective category. Here are few most known trademark classes

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Exclusive Right

The Trademark Registration in India gives you an exclusive right to the name of your business as per the law. If someone uses your name and takes advantage of your registered trademark you can sue and you can demand compensation for your business using the logo and trademarked name.

Build Trust and Goodwill

After trademark registration, you can build trust between your clients and customers. Trademark gives a unique identity to your business and people have started recognizing your business by your unique name or logo.

10 Years Protection

Well, you directly protect your business name by applying trademark for 10 years. Don’t you think this is an inexpensive process? Even after 10 years, you can easily renew it and your trademark is yours again for 10 more years.

Creation of Wealth

Have you read about the sale of goodwill? Yes, they technically sell their name which has created goodwill, trust among the customers. By registering a trademark, you are not only protecting your brand and logo but are also creating an asset to your business.

Helps in Digitalization

If you want to take your business online like sell your product on Amazon, Flipkart, Tatacliq, they will ask you for a brand authorization letter. By registering a trademark, it will also help in selling your brand online and building goodwill across the world.

A most efficient way to register a trademark with Tax advisory

When you provide us with fundamental data about what you need to reserve and the business you operate in, our experts will conduct a detailed inquiry into the brand name data set. 

You have to file TM-A for a new application. There are several other applications of trademark registration which are-

TM-A – Application of registration of a trademark

TM-O – On notice of opposition

TM-R – Application or Renewal


The following task is to select a suitable class for your business. However, you do not need to take too much stress because our experts will guide you in choosing the right classes to cover all parts of your business. 

Lastly, the Trademark application form will be filled out for you at that point and submitted with the necessary documents.

Objections of Trademark registration

The Trademark Analyst may identify issues during the brand name registration process, such as incorrect forms, misleading terms, or missing product information. If a complaint is lodged, the status changes to ‘Objected,’ and a well-prepared response must address the concerns and provide supporting evidence. If accepted, the application proceeds to the Trademark Journal. If not, a Trademark hearing may be scheduled. Typically, this process takes 2-4 months and offers a good chance of approval once resolved.

Opposition of Trademark

A trademark opposition is a formal action aimed at preventing the approval of a trademark application. Third parties who believe that a brand name might impact their own can file a written notification of opposition. If the Analyst finds the opposition valid, they must inform the applicant, who has two months to submit a counter-argument to the Registrar.

Documents required for Trademark registration


Candidate's name


Type of business


Business goal


Brand/Logo/Trademark Name


Udyog Aadhar/MSME Recruitment Announcement


Enrollment Address


Signed Form-48


Signatory ID proof


Signatory Address proof


Business proof

Trademark Registration Fee

There are two categories of fee for trademark-

Happy with
Customers & Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, if no objection or opposition is received, you can get your trademark registration within 3-12 months based on your business logo and trademark/brand name.

Yes, we can make corrections to our trademark application that has already been filed. But it would be better if you file the correct one at once.

Yes, you can transfer your trademark to any other company or individual by paying the prescribed fee.

Yes, you can take trademark or brand registration in multiple fee categories.

Rs. 4500 for individual

Rs. 10000 per class for companies

So if you take multiple class trademarks, you will have to pay the fee based on multiple classes.

Visit the IPI India site and log in with id password and DSC, then you can track your trademark registration process yourself.

Yes, a logo is required for trademark registration.

After 10 years, you must renew your trademark.

Click here-

You can make trademark registration of your domain name provided your domain name is unique and no similar trademark/brand name is already registered

You can easily track your trademark registration application by logging into the ipiindia site.

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