महत्वपूर्ण ये नहीं है कि आप क्या क्या जानते हैं, महत्वपूर्ण ये है कि आप किस किस को जानते है!

What will you get!

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What Will You learn –

1- The science of relationship building

2- How to build new network that help you in your career and business

3- How to find the right network for you

4- How to do first meeting and call

5- Types of network

6- How to become a resourceful for the people around

7- What not to do in networking

8- How to use social media and technology for connecting people

9- Art of Public speaking

10- Art of being magnetic

11- How to convert your network in net-worth

A Bonus Worth Rs 20000

Meet your trainer, who believes in investing in people before machines:

A passionate individual, who spent his early days in limited resources but with unlimited dreams. Came to Delhi after graduation, spent more than 13 years in corporate world working with AXIS, ICICI, AU Bank, Amway, SBI cards.

He is the founder and CEO of SkillingYou, a profitable EdTech startup, selected as top 100 promising startups in India by Google and Ministry of Electronics and information technology. SkillingYou is incubated by Google, MeitY, AWS, Agora and TiE.