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If you want to increase your child's Focus, Retention, Happiness, Confidence, Mental Strength, Creativity, without boring & lengthy classes then you are at the Right Place

INSTEAD OF RS.2500/-❌ PAY ONLY RS. 499/- ✅

INSTEAD OF RS.2500/-❌ PAY ONLY RS. 499/- ✅

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INSTEAD OF RS.2500/-❌ PAY ONLY RS. 499/- ✅

Get 9 Remarkable Change after this
3-months challenge


🧠💡Memory enhanced with better retention and skill to recall what was learned.


🔍Better Focus to ensure the time spent is worth it. ⌛


📚 Increase your Reading Speed by 27% and improve your Writing velocity by 18%. ✍️


🎯Enhance your Concentration Abilities instantly for a smoother reading and writing experience. 🧘‍♀️


📝Experience improved exam performance through better coordination between your brain, eyes, and hands. 📚🧠👀


💪Boosted self-confidence and esteem with guaranteed enhancement.


😌Free from future stress and anxiety, also helps holistic development.


🚀 Unleash full potential and become a confident, high-achieving learner.


❓Helps save from self-doubt and hence increases chances of better performance.

INSTEAD OF RS.2500/-❌ PAY ONLY RS. 499/- ✅

Get “Unlock Your Mental Potential”

A 21-Day Journey to Positivity and Empowerment Worth Rs. 1272/- absolutely Free

Day 1

Boost Your Brain Power

“2 Techniques” Increased mindfulness. Calming the mind. Improved blood circulation. Reduced anxiety and tension. Improve Your Concentration Power. Improve Learning & Retention.

Day 2

Eye Gym

“5 Techniques” Improved visual acuity. Enhanced Brain- Eye coordination. Reduced eye strain and fatigue. Enhanced focus and concentration. Improved vision and eye health. Improve Your Reading Speed.

Day 3

Brain Charger Techniques

“5 Techniques” Increased energy and alertness. Enhanced coordination and motor skills. Improved focus and concentration. Stress reduction. Improved memory and learning. Neuroplasticity and brain health.

Day 4

FMS Techniques

“5 Techniques” Improved hand-eye coordination. Enhanced dexterity and motor control. Cognitive development. Improved finger strength and grip. Support for academic readiness. Improve Writing Power.

Day 5

Concentration & Memory

“2 Techniques” Balancing of brain hemispheres. Activation of the third eye. Enhancing energy flow. Awakening of dormant potential. Inner balance and harmony. Improved concentration and mental focus.

Day 6

Brain Next Level

“2 Techniques” to Get Brain Eye Hand Coordination & Laser Focus (Thought Less Mind)

Day 7

Alpha Level Meditation

Just Sleep & Listen to The Music. Improved mood and emotional regulation. Increased creativity and problem-solving abilities.

INSTEAD OF RS.2500/-❌ PAY ONLY RS. 499/- ✅

🎯 Unlock Your Child's Full Potential:
Affordable and Valuable!

INSTEAD OF RS.2500/-❌ PAY ONLY RS. 499/- ✅

🔍 Remember !
This 5 Minutes A Day Proven Formula Will Help Your Child

Meet Your Coach

Vikaas Naagru

Renowned Mind Trainer and Brain Decoder Specialist

Track record:

Worked with esteemed organizations like Development Credit Bank, ABN Amro Bank, and Fullerton India Credit Company Limited


Positively impacted the lives of over 21,000 people through Stress-Free Education & Life Workshops, Time Management sessions, Parenting workshops, and Teacher Training programs

Endorsements from notable figures like Management Guru Mr. N Raghuraman, Army, BSF, IPS, and Ordnance department personnel
Media Coverage:
Featured in renowned news dailies such as Dainik Bhaskar and Rajasthan Patrika, invited twice on Big FM 92.7, Zee News Rajasthan, Avaaz India News Channel, and Soilcup
Impacts the brain through the heart, simplifying complex training and making Brain Training accessible to all

Inspiring Workshops:

Empowering Minds in Educational Institutions Course Image

If These Are The Emotions Flooding Your Daily Life Regarding Your Child's Benefit,

🤔 Concerned

 Is your child struggling with academic challenges? 📚

❓ Uncertain

Not sure if these issues can be resolved or assessed effectively? ❓

 😡  Frustrated

Feeling distressed about the impact of learning difficulties or motor skills issues?

 😒  Doubtful

Are you uncertain if our techniques will be helpful and effective?

 😟 Anxious

Worried that these challenges may hinder your child’s overall growth?

 😤 Angry

Feeling frustrated with the current situation your child is facing?

Highly Praised Workshop by Top Educators

Students are Loving This Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

This course aims to help parents enhance their child’s Focus, Retention, Happiness, Confidence, Mental Strength, and Creativity. We promise to reveal a proven 5-minute formula that can make a child 5x smarter.

Sorry to say but in that case, we won’t have any options to help you, plus you’ll also lose bonuses worth ₹1272 available only for a limited time. I am not sure If I can keep the discounted price next time. Therefore, It is best advised you register soon to avail the opportunity and one-time exclusive bonuses.

The course is designed to be completed over a period of 3 months, allowing participants to learn at their own pace. [Daily] Time: 5-7 Minutes

The course is divided into 7 sections and contains 18 lessons. Some of the main topics covered include “Boost Your Brain Power,” “Eye Gym,” “Brain Charger Techniques,” “FMS” (presumably Fine Motor Skills), “Concentration & Memory,” “Brain Next Level,” and “Alpha Level Meditation.

The course consists of recorded lessons that participants can access and watch whenever they prefer. It is divided into sections, and each section contains lessons related to specific techniques and skills.

Yes, once you enroll in the course, you should gain immediate access to the recorded lessons and can start learning at your convenience.

To enroll, you can click on the register or enroll now tab, and follow the enrollment instructions provided there.

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